5 little tips When making your Wedding Day Timeline

A few little tips to help prevent chaos the day of your wedding…..

1) Will you be having pictures done while you are getting ready the morning of your wedding? If so, you may want to have your make-up done before your hair.  This way you’ll have a picture perfect face for ‘the getting the hair done’ shots.  The only way I would not recommend this, is if you are having your hair washed by your hairstylist prior to her styling it.

2) Have all your Bridesmaid dressed and ready to go, before you start getting ready.  This way they will all look great in the photos of them helping you get dressed. This makes for much prettier pictures.

3) Schedule in enough time for photos…. Either before or after the Ceremony.  Many Brides forget about allowing enough time for family photos and photos with the whole bridal party.  That can really screw up the rest of your timeline.  You want to arrive on time at your Reception so you can fully enjoy it.  Believe me the 4 or 5 hours you have, goes by in a flash.

4) If you are taking photos outside especially if it is really HOT or really WINDY….you may want to schedule in some time for hair/make-up touch ups. This is almost a MUST if you are taking photos BEFORE the ceremony.

5) It is really nice to have a few minutes with your new husband/wife after the “I Do’s”.  So,  schedule in a few minutes to be alone… to reflect….. to take each other in  …. to smooch a little ;)



The timeline is a very important tool for helping your wedding day run smoothly. There are many things to consider when figuring out your wedding day timeline.   Here at Hollyevents, we provide detailed timelines for all our clients, regardless of the package they choose.  We provide each wedding party member with a pocket timeline and we also provide all vendors involved with a detailed timeline.  This way everyone involved stays on track and knows what is going on throughout the day.

Providing the timeline is a huge relief in itself.  Contact us for any questions or more information concerning Wedding Day Timelines.


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