Thanksgiving Table

We are only days from that Wonderful Huge Thanksgiving Feast.  I love setting the table for a Holiday or Special Event.  Time to dig out all that awesome china that sits in the cabnet… for most of it’s life.  It’s time to shine!   The linens oh yes them too…only the finest will do today.  How about a centerpiece or table scape? …..Candles? Flowers? or maybe some artwork from the kids?  This truly begins my Favorite time of year.  The time when we all start to reflect on what is really important FAMILY!  Gatherings over amazing feasts, talking for hours and laughing over all those old family memories from many moons ago…

I was going to blog about the proper set up of the dinner table…but I think I myself just realized as I was writing this…it’s not about all that….even though a beautiful table setting is delicous :)   It is about being surrounded at the table (however it is set) sharing with the ones you love and hold dear.  I can feel the warmth now, and I’m so excited to sit down for that turkey and stuffing!


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