5 Tips to get Picture Ready

5 little tips to help get you ready for your Beautiful Wedding Day Photos.


1) Hydrate!!  Inside and out!  The number one thing you can do for beautiful skin.

~ Drink plenty of water. ~ Stay away from foods and beverages that can dehydrate you ….like alcohol, caffeine                                               ~ exfoliate and lube up…all over and don’t forget your lips. :)   *make sure to try any new lotions/exfoliates  one month or more prior, in case of any reactions.

2) Three days prior avoid excess sodium <can make eyes/face etc. appear puffy and swollen>

3)Exercise!! It increases oxygen and blood flow to the skin. Providing more nutrients to the skin for a healthier appearance. Helps reduce stress <breakouts> and gives a healthy natural glow to your skin.

4)Strike a pose! Practice your poses in front of a mirror.  Learn how your body moves and how you look in different poses.  You may learn the best way to tilt your head “your best side”, how to avoid awkward looking bends in your wrists and arms etc.

5) Get PLENTY of Rest!  Avoid bags and tired looking eyes …. easier said then done on the eve of your wedding.                                      Try to get everything in order 4 or 5 days out, don’t leave anything to the last couple of days.  These days are for relaxing and pampering. :)

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