He put a Ring on it ….now what?

Congratulations!!       You are engaged!!     YAY you are getting married!  

Take time to celebrate this exciting moment.


Once you catch your breath…the planning will begin. :)

First Decide on what type of wedding you and your fiance would like to have….big and grand, small and intimate or an exotic destination wedding.  What is the FEEL you would like to have on your wedding day.    Start with the FEEL, then fill in the rest.  ~ If you ever find yourself getting caught up in all the choices and losing your focus….come back to ‘the FEEL’ you are trying to create.  That often helps.~ :)

It is very helpful if you decide early on if you will be using a wedding planner/coordinator.  Bringing them on early allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck.  They can recommend  wedding vendors that will fit into your style and budget, saving you time and money. Wedding Coordinators/Planners are not just for the rich and famous.  Many also offer consults as well.  Making it even more affordable to receive professional advise and assistance that will make your over all planning process so much more enjoyable.

After you decide on the ‘feel’ of your wedding then go ahead and figure out the dreaded budget.  Yea…..I know, but it is necessary to keep you in line.  The best way to plan your budget is by first figuring out where/who the money is coming from.  Then make a list of what is most important to you….must haves for your wedding. ( Do you NEED an awesome over the top cool cake?  Do you need to have the best entertainment around…. Are you a foodie and need the catering to leave everyone speechless.)  Put them on the top of your list, and work your way down to the least important.  That way you’ll see where your money should go first.  As you work down your list, you may need to skimp on a few things.  There are many ways to substitute items at the bottom of your list or even eliminate them.  (example: Transportation….have ceremony and reception at same location.   Flowers…recycle from ceremony to reception..using inexpensive flowers…less blooms. etc.)

IF you have something really important to you (#1 on your budget list) like a certain band or DJ, it might be better to find their open dates before setting your wedding date. (unless you have a very special date in mind)- Work your way down your list.

Most of ALL….ENJOY!  Enjoy your planning process.  It really is a fun experience.  Don’t let it get you crazy.  Remember that is should be FUN and Enjoyable.

For more wedding planning tips or help  ;) contact me….I love talking weddings. :)

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