Wedding Day ‘E’mergency Bag


    As I’m checking off my “E”  Bag check list, preparing my bag for this weekend’s Wedding I got to thinking…..How many Brides know about the day saving…. Wedding day Emergency bag?

Hollyevents “E” Bag  ~Stichin’ Witch Embroidery LLC~

The infamous Hollyevent’s “E” Bag can and has certainly saved the day.  A WDEB can be easily assembled or bought at different locations on-line.  My bag is ‘a little’ heavily stocked….but I don’t like to be caught wishing I had an item that’s not in my bag.  Below are a few of the items we have in our “E” Bag. 

Some must haves to include in your “E” Bag

  1. Granola bars/power bar
  2. Water/power aide/straw
  3. Hair Spray
  4. Hair Pins
  5. Make-up bag
  6. tampons/liners ~never know with all the stress
  7. tylenol/tums
  8. nail polish/np remover
  9. nail file/nail glue
  10. stain stick
  11. lint roller
  12. chalk or baby powder
  13. club soda
  14. sewing kit
  15. Band Aids
  16. tweezer
  17. Bug Spray/Sunscreen
  18. pins
  19. deodorant/perfume
  20. Duct Tape~ it is actually one of the most used items :)

We never go to an event without our “E” Bag….it has come in handy many times!


  1. Kirsten says:

    This is a great list. It’s very close to the list put together when doing a concert/show. You never know what can happen backstage that needs to be taken care of so the show can go on. Weddings are just like one big theatrical production. :)

  2. Lisa says:

    Great info! Reminds me of Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner.. the things you can remove with nail polish remover;) who knew?

  3. Have most of those things in a drawer in the office, lol..but I guess on an event day, they’d be as important! That’s why YOU are the planner!

  4. Terree says:

    I think you should market this! Great stuff!

  5. Kate Elfatah says:

    Love this, can I get one for everyday life please

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