Wedding Gown Personal Shopper

We are SO excited to Announce a new Service we will be offering Starting this Spring Season.

We Welcome Kathy D’Angola-Moses owner of Clotheszing to our Team of Professional here at Hollyevents!

Kathy has over twenty-six years in the retail industry, from working in a buying office, managing in department stores and boutiques, district management training, and personal shopping.  Nineteen of those years, she has been directly involved in higher-end fashion, helping women make great wardrobe choices to style their body type, personality, and occasion.  Kathy Started her own Personal Shopping Business in 2009 called Clotheszing.  Kathy will be available to shop with the Bride to assist them in picking out the right gown style for their body type.  So Every Bride can look their absolute best on their wedding day. 



” I feel all woman can look and feel their best.  My job is to help women know what styles balance their body shape for an appealing silhouette, how to mix and match styles, colors, patterns and accessories to turn clothes into outfits.”       – Kathy D’Angola-Moses


To find out more about Kathy, her business Clotheszing and Services check her out at or email her at [please enable JavaScript in web browser to view email address]


Kathy in Lehigh Valley Style MagazineKathy in Lehigh Valley Style Magazine

He put a Ring on it ….now what?

Congratulations!!       You are engaged!!     YAY you are getting married!  

Take time to celebrate this exciting moment.


Once you catch your breath…the planning will begin. :)

First Decide on what type of wedding you and your fiance would like to have….big and grand, small and intimate or an exotic destination wedding.  What is the FEEL you would like to have on your wedding day.    Start with the FEEL, then fill in the rest.  ~ If you ever find yourself getting caught up in all the choices and losing your focus….come back to ‘the FEEL’ you are trying to create.  That often helps.~ :)

It is very helpful if you decide early on if you will be using a wedding planner/coordinator.  Bringing them on early allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck.  They can recommend  wedding vendors that will fit into your style and budget, saving you time and money. Wedding Coordinators/Planners are not just for the rich and famous.  Many also offer consults as well.  Making it even more affordable to receive professional advise and assistance that will make your over all planning process so much more enjoyable.

After you decide on the ‘feel’ of your wedding then go ahead and figure out the dreaded budget.  Yea…..I know, but it is necessary to keep you in line.  The best way to plan your budget is by first figuring out where/who the money is coming from.  Then make a list of what is most important to you….must haves for your wedding. ( Do you NEED an awesome over the top cool cake?  Do you need to have the best entertainment around…. Are you a foodie and need the catering to leave everyone speechless.)  Put them on the top of your list, and work your way down to the least important.  That way you’ll see where your money should go first.  As you work down your list, you may need to skimp on a few things.  There are many ways to substitute items at the bottom of your list or even eliminate them.  (example: Transportation….have ceremony and reception at same location.   Flowers…recycle from ceremony to reception..using inexpensive flowers…less blooms. etc.)

IF you have something really important to you (#1 on your budget list) like a certain band or DJ, it might be better to find their open dates before setting your wedding date. (unless you have a very special date in mind)- Work your way down your list.

Most of ALL….ENJOY!  Enjoy your planning process.  It really is a fun experience.  Don’t let it get you crazy.  Remember that is should be FUN and Enjoyable.

For more wedding planning tips or help  ;) contact me….I love talking weddings. :)

5 Tips to get Picture Ready

5 little tips to help get you ready for your Beautiful Wedding Day Photos.


1) Hydrate!!  Inside and out!  The number one thing you can do for beautiful skin.

~ Drink plenty of water. ~ Stay away from foods and beverages that can dehydrate you ….like alcohol, caffeine                                               ~ exfoliate and lube up…all over and don’t forget your lips. :)   *make sure to try any new lotions/exfoliates  one month or more prior, in case of any reactions.

2) Three days prior avoid excess sodium <can make eyes/face etc. appear puffy and swollen>

3)Exercise!! It increases oxygen and blood flow to the skin. Providing more nutrients to the skin for a healthier appearance. Helps reduce stress <breakouts> and gives a healthy natural glow to your skin.

4)Strike a pose! Practice your poses in front of a mirror.  Learn how your body moves and how you look in different poses.  You may learn the best way to tilt your head “your best side”, how to avoid awkward looking bends in your wrists and arms etc.

5) Get PLENTY of Rest!  Avoid bags and tired looking eyes …. easier said then done on the eve of your wedding.                                      Try to get everything in order 4 or 5 days out, don’t leave anything to the last couple of days.  These days are for relaxing and pampering. :)

Let’s Celebrate one Fantastic Year!!

We are SO excited to be celebrating our one year anniversary here at Hollyevents.  We are having a fun bash on 12-12-12 at Prime Steak House in Bethlehem PA.  We are looking forward to being surrounded by so many wonderful local business owners and friends that have helped with our successful  first year in business here in the Lehigh Valley.

My Dear Friend Christen Borso will be by my side Celebrating something of her own…..The Launch of her new Business “The Shopping List” a personal shopping business for the busy professional that doesn’t have the time or desire to hit the streets in search of that perfect item/items.  Christen is also the owner of “Eye for Detail” remolding business.  She received the Breaking the Glass Ceiling award this past year for her success in this male dominated business.

Christen Borso, owner Eye for Detail and The Shopping List,LLC

We have many friends that will be showing their support with many fun,….yummy and wonderful offerings that will help make this event a real blast!

Whether you are a business owner or a supporter of Hollyevents….we would LOVE to see you on 12-12-12!


RSVP is required for this FREE event.

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Thanksgiving Table

We are only days from that Wonderful Huge Thanksgiving Feast.  I love setting the table for a Holiday or Special Event.  Time to dig out all that awesome china that sits in the cabnet… for most of it’s life.  It’s time to shine!   The linens oh yes them too…only the finest will do today.  How about a centerpiece or table scape? …..Candles? Flowers? or maybe some artwork from the kids?  This truly begins my Favorite time of year.  The time when we all start to reflect on what is really important FAMILY!  Gatherings over amazing feasts, talking for hours and laughing over all those old family memories from many moons ago…

I was going to blog about the proper set up of the dinner table…but I think I myself just realized as I was writing this…it’s not about all that….even though a beautiful table setting is delicous :)   It is about being surrounded at the table (however it is set) sharing with the ones you love and hold dear.  I can feel the warmth now, and I’m so excited to sit down for that turkey and stuffing!


5 little tips When making your Wedding Day Timeline

A few little tips to help prevent chaos the day of your wedding…..

1) Will you be having pictures done while you are getting ready the morning of your wedding? If so, you may want to have your make-up done before your hair.  This way you’ll have a picture perfect face for ‘the getting the hair done’ shots.  The only way I would not recommend this, is if you are having your hair washed by your hairstylist prior to her styling it.

2) Have all your Bridesmaid dressed and ready to go, before you start getting ready.  This way they will all look great in the photos of them helping you get dressed. This makes for much prettier pictures.

3) Schedule in enough time for photos…. Either before or after the Ceremony.  Many Brides forget about allowing enough time for family photos and photos with the whole bridal party.  That can really screw up the rest of your timeline.  You want to arrive on time at your Reception so you can fully enjoy it.  Believe me the 4 or 5 hours you have, goes by in a flash.

4) If you are taking photos outside especially if it is really HOT or really WINDY….you may want to schedule in some time for hair/make-up touch ups. This is almost a MUST if you are taking photos BEFORE the ceremony.

5) It is really nice to have a few minutes with your new husband/wife after the “I Do’s”.  So,  schedule in a few minutes to be alone… to reflect….. to take each other in  …. to smooch a little ;)



The timeline is a very important tool for helping your wedding day run smoothly. There are many things to consider when figuring out your wedding day timeline.   Here at Hollyevents, we provide detailed timelines for all our clients, regardless of the package they choose.  We provide each wedding party member with a pocket timeline and we also provide all vendors involved with a detailed timeline.  This way everyone involved stays on track and knows what is going on throughout the day.

Providing the timeline is a huge relief in itself.  Contact us for any questions or more information concerning Wedding Day Timelines.


Hollyevents. Who?

The Gal behind Hollyevents

Holly Trout, Wedding and Event Planner

Have you ever wondered who is behind Hollyevents? …..  The hows and whys we got started?

Hollyevents is new to the Lehigh Valley.  However I am not.  I was born and raised just north of the Valley.  It has been a dream of mine to have an event planning business for many years.  I have been a wedding-aholic since before I was 5 years old.  I always loved weddings. I lived next to a church growing up and would just sit and wait to catch a glimpse of the Bride as she came out of the church in her beautiful wedding gown.  I would try to guess the color and number of Bridesmaids.  I would wonder if these dresses would be something really different, maybe something that I haven’t seen before…….

I planned my first event in the fall of 1991, a baby Shower (for a little boy-we knew the sex, which was amazing at the time).  I will never forget it.  I fell in love for real and knew that there was NO WAY I could actually get paid for doing something that was this much fun!

I was very happy to discover that that was simply not true.  I ended up working in a variety of settings in the event industry….catering, banquet server, lead coordinator for some amazing locations around the country like Waikiki HI, St. Simon’s Island GA, Martha Vineyards MA, Hartford CT and others.  I worked with some really great teams producing all types of events, from social celebrations to business functions.   I am really Happy to be back in the Valley and I look forward to bringing my Experiences and Love for event production to the area.

I’m really close to being ….well I guess I am obsessed with Weddings.  I research everything relating to Weddings! I read every wedding related article I can get my hands on. I look at hundreds of wedding photos a week.  I go to workshops and events to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. I get so excited every day …just because this is what I get to do.  Work?  I don’t feel like I work….ever!

Last year with the encouragement of my amazing husband, I launched Hollyevents.  It has been a very exciting and amazing year…..A dream come true for me.  I would have never been able to do it without his love and unwavering support.  I am living the Dream……my Dream!

So Glad you’re here and I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.  I will bring lots of tips and ideas for all types of events. I’ll also feature Real Life Events and  some of our great Event Vendors and Venues from right here in the Lehigh Valley.  So be sure to check back with us often. :)


~Holly Trout~




A first for us…….

As a Wedding Planner/Coordinator, one of my jobs is to help make the couple’s vision for their wedding day come to life, while incorporating their style and personality.  I personally spend some time getting to know each one of our clients in order to help make that happen.

Well, this weekend was a first for us, in that I didn’t actually meet the future Bride and Groom until the day before the wedding!  Yeah you read that right.  We met for the first time at the Wedding Rehearsal.

However I  did spend about 4 months with the Mother of the Bride to help in finalizing wedding details.  We both worked very hard finding ways to bring ‘the feel’ that the Bride and groom wanted to their special day.  What at first I thought was going to be a challenging task, was actually made simple by the dedication of the Mother of the Bride.  She worked endlessly to  make her daughter’s wedding day perfect.  I enjoyed working with this family so much.  I am  going to really miss our meetings, emails and phone calls.  It is always bitter sweet for us on Wedding Day.  It is sweet that we get to see everything come together but a little :( because our journey together is over.

non-traditional table display/floral design by Elysian Fields Specialty Florals

Table numbers on Antique saucers

antique saucer table numbers

Wedding Day ‘E’mergency Bag


    As I’m checking off my “E”  Bag check list, preparing my bag for this weekend’s Wedding I got to thinking…..How many Brides know about the day saving…. Wedding day Emergency bag?

Hollyevents “E” Bag  ~Stichin’ Witch Embroidery LLC~

The infamous Hollyevent’s “E” Bag can and has certainly saved the day.  A WDEB can be easily assembled or bought at different locations on-line.  My bag is ‘a little’ heavily stocked….but I don’t like to be caught wishing I had an item that’s not in my bag.  Below are a few of the items we have in our “E” Bag. 

Some must haves to include in your “E” Bag

  1. Granola bars/power bar
  2. Water/power aide/straw
  3. Hair Spray
  4. Hair Pins
  5. Make-up bag
  6. tampons/liners ~never know with all the stress
  7. tylenol/tums
  8. nail polish/np remover
  9. nail file/nail glue
  10. stain stick
  11. lint roller
  12. chalk or baby powder
  13. club soda
  14. sewing kit
  15. Band Aids
  16. tweezer
  17. Bug Spray/Sunscreen
  18. pins
  19. deodorant/perfume
  20. Duct Tape~ it is actually one of the most used items :)

We never go to an event without our “E” Bag….it has come in handy many times!

About Time!!!

WOW…..I’m SO excited to get things started here…:) 

Our first Year Anniversary is approaching and our website is shaping up just in time for us to celebrate.  Will there be a party?

lol…..of coarse - this party has been in the making for a LOOOoooonng time!  ~ Stay tuned for updates about that!

They say behind every successful man is a    Well  behind our awesome new website there are two amazing guys.

A big thank you to  Fred and Tony!  Without them this project (our fabulous NEW website) would not be happening at all.


First up is the very talented Tony Ortiz of Avue Designs ( Tony is an amazing graphic designer.  I enjoyed the whole process of working with him to create a special logo that signifies all that we do at Hollyevents.  He took the time to get it just right for us.  He gave us many tips along the way, for he is full of so many great ideas.  If you never heard of Avue Designs…go over to their facebook page and check them out at

Avue Designs


Next up the very knowledgeable Fred Chapman of  F.W. Chapman Solutions (www.fwchapman)  the king of WordPress or as I once called him ” My knight in shining WordPress Armor”.  He is keeping me on track for getting this project done.  He gave me some hands on help….SO valuable!!  He was able to put everything in terms that this non-techie could understand and use on my own.  So if you never heard of this masked genius check him out on facebook at Solutions

F.W.Chapman Solutions